Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with Pistachio Pesto Cream

DSC_0521The origins of the ravioli are not straight forward. One of the most reliable hypothesis is that Raviolo was conceived in Gavi Ligure, in the Italian Region of Liguria during the era of the ” Republic of Genoa “.  The first chef of this republic, was named “Ravioli ” , which is still today a common nickname of families that live in the area . Today we will present to you a revised recipe, a lighter version without ever loosing its deliciousness. We replaced white refined flour with white whole wheat flour that does not particularly  change the taste , but makes it more easy to digest. For the filling we used a lean ricotta cheese. We are always really careful when we buy low fat/non fat products by reading with care the list of cheese ingredients and choose a quality with no added sugar . Well… Enjoy your meal! Continue reading